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Colson Peacock is a director, stand up comedian, writer poet, and online personality. He was born on September 2nd, 1992  in Bellingham, Washington.

From humble beginnings,  Colson got his start by acting in charming home horror movies directed by his older brother, Zachary. Plots revolved around ways Zach could have his little brother Colson murdered multiple times on screen. The young Colson proved to be an excellent on screen murder victim. Through out high school, Colson would write, direct, and act in plays for Roswell High School Performing Arts productions.

 In 2007, Colson followed in his older brother's footsteps as an early adopter digital content creation for the Youtube platform. Highlights include creating The Hearing-Aid Chronicles in 2012, a video series dealing with his issues and experiences as a person who happens to be Hard of Hearing. In 2013, Colson produced and hosted the Super Secret Vidcon Comedy Panel for the 4th Annual Vidcon in 2013 in front of 300 conference attendees.  He has not stopped making videos since then and his love for making personal, funny, and opinionated content continues to thrive.

Since boyhood, Colson has always had a undeniable love for comedy. In 2010, he decided to pursue stand up comedy his senior year of high school, a week before his 18th birthday. The Talented Mr. Colson's comedy style can be described as deadpan and absurdist, featuring hilarious, optimistic stories of personal failure. 

 In 2013, Colson enrolled at the University of Georgia wanting to learn a more formalized approach to filmmaking. His most notable achievement was his 2014 directorial debut, DEAF DAY, an Avant-Garde Deaf Cinema short film, which placed Top 16 out of 212 submissions for Campus Movie Fest, the largest student film festival in the United States.

In 2015, Colson graduated from the University of Georgia, home of the prestigious Peabody Awards. There he received an A.B.J. degree in Mass Media Arts, minor in Film Studies, and certificate in New Media from Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Immediately after graduation, Colson set his sights towards Tinsel Town and headed out West. Colson currently resides in Los Angeles, California.